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SEO there are many definitions for SEO in the business as per client’s goal and requirement. In simple word SEO is a technique or science to take the particular site to the top position in Google search engine for desired keywords.

Sometime people called it lead generation, online marketing, strong web presence, overall with a broad understanding its true having said that definition of SEO varies with the understanding of client goal and requirement.


SEO is some sort of tool of marketing, and its amazing tool which is good in terms of ROI (returns on investment) for the client. SEO is required for the person who does business, precisely, we would say SEO is for whom who wants to grow or expand their business or sales. Whatever business, you do, people like to search online to buy your service or product. So the every business category is having an online competition to get their website on top to generate maximum revenue through selling their products. So the business owner working on website for SEO or outsource SEO to good company is ahead of their competitors. That doesn’t mean it’s helpful for early birds only, every day is a new beginning. You can start with SEO service today what you require is a professional website, the right budget and Best SEO company.


SEO has segregated in 3 parts, on-site SEO, Off-site SEO and technical SEO. And all these 3 aspects act according to SEO strategy, which require lots of brainstorming, research and analysis like, website analysis, competitor analysis, keyword research.

In on Site SEO following things included
Web site pages optimized, SEO friendly Navigation & Design Optimization, Page Title & Meta Tags, HTML Code and Meta-Content Optimization, Images and Page Links to be Optimized, HTML sitemap suggestions, Content creation and updating, Google XML sitemap creation & regular updating, Robot.txt Optimization, Google Analytics Setup and Review, Search Engine submission, Local Business Listings etc.…

In Offsite SEO following things included
Website, Link Building, Directory submission, Social Media Optimization, Social Bookmarking Social Networking Profile Creation (Ex. LinkedIn Company Page), Twitter profile Creation & Maintain Facebook Profile Creation & Maintain, LinkedIn Company page creation and maintain, Article submission, Press Release submission, Blog creation and Promotion (Third party blog sites) Blog Post comments, Classified Ad creation & submission, Search Engine Ranking Reports Traffic Reports, Traffic Analysis report for Sales/Marketing.

In Technical SEO following things included
Rewriting URL, URL Structure, URl Redirection, http redirection, site indexing issues, schema markup, URL canonicalization, broken links, 301 & 302 redirect, site speed.


With years of experience in SEO, we establish in 2006, we are doing it for almost 10 years, experienced SEO staff with tech savvy in-house development team. We do provide organic SEO results, we judge the progress of SEO service in terms of organic ranking, i.e. SERP Report, while other companies ripping off the client by showing traffic report, Facebook report and etc. instead of SERP Report. The best part of us is that we only use white hat techniques, which reduce the clients’ concern of buying domain banned by the client. We don’t give a fake commitment to client, We commit to client whatever possible, we give a projection of keyword ranking and we are committed to projection.


There is a hell lot of list of SEO myths I will point out a few here

guaranteed top ranking, this is totally fraudulent statement normally many SEO companies pitch to client to convert them as a business, things which are starting with fake commitment never harvest good result neither for client nor for an SEO company. Client close down the service in 2 months and company lose the good client forever, and it also gives you a bad review in the industry.

Facebook Promotion is SEO, I feel vertigo whenever I heard this, how come Facebook promotion is SEO, in early days Facebook is small part of SEO, we use Facebook to bring some traffic towards a website which help to boost SEO Efforts, then as Facebook rising in popularity over the period, it’s become individual service as Facebook promotion. We still use Facebook in our SEO Service for to push SEO Effort and also give individual Facebook promotion service.

Adwords is SEO, this is not myth this is misunderstanding, Adwords is something you buy the clicks for desired keywords, once your wallet is empty you stop getting visitors. It’s simple buy, use, leave. Its work on a short term basis and sort of campaign, and for the people who don’t have patients and want quick results.

SEO is Dead, this is not myth this is misunderstanding, Adwords is something you buy the clicks for desired keywords, once your wallet is empty you stop getting visitors. It’s simple buy, use, leave. Its work on a short term basis and sort of campaign, and for the people who don’t have patients and want quick results.


SEO is so important for every business that, if your site get optimized and updates on regular basis through SEO Efforts then sky is the limit for your business growth but there is dark side as well by choosing wrong SEO Company.


The benefits of SEO are endless, the most important benefit of SEO is, it’s giving best ROI (Return on Investment) compare to other marketing services.

SEO provides long term results.

Instead of approaching towards new opportunity, they approach you because of SEO.

SEO is marketing that never sleep, people search on google every minute whether it’s morning, afternoon or night, so you have chances of getting business any time.

SEO works for almost every Business precise Lawyers, doctors and architects. To build Trust among people SEO is best solved by coming in top position for reputed keywords, Gives reputation and build trust among people.

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